Only Human.

Only Human.





     2 cafés + 1 thé vert


à 14h: 

     1 banane

      une poignée d'amandes


 27wyw52.jpg ewd_events_28729.jpg

Emma Watson with amazing looking skinny firm legs. 


Amazing work out! very thorough on the lower body, while combining toning work with cardio! Couldn't do the Side Hip Raises, though... 


Dîner (19h)

     une portion de chili une salade verte un oeuf dur. 

j'ai aussi une salade de fruits... Je ne sais pas si je devrais la manger comme dessert, ou la garder pour un en-cas possible...


20h30 : 




  21h00 :

      salade de fruit =)





Petit-déjeuner (9h):

1 café 1 thé (noir)

     porridge et demie-portion de miel.  



Lindsay Ellingson. 



biceps curls...


from Secret Eaters (Season 3, episode 5): 

     - Why do you snack so much? 

     - Boredom. Got nothin' else to do, really. 

*white trash, fat disgusting moron. Empty brains, filled with fat. I hate bums* 


salade de midi. I.e. 324 calories. 


Mixed Greens 2 cups 15
Cucumber, sliced 1/4 cup 4
Tomato, chopped 1/4 cup 8
Chicken, diced, skinless 1/2 cup 61
Egg, hard-boiled, diced 2 large 156
Balsamic Vinaigrette 2 tbsp 90

(source :


dîner (18h30): même salade (les oeufs en moins)

salade de fruit. 



Natalia Vodianova. 




Matin : porridge sans miel cette fois =) 


Midi : salade verte salade de fruits


Soir : salade verte salade de fruits. 



 Gosh... Why did I have to drink so much tonight? Such shitty music, lovely people (one of my best friends, really), but seriously, this evening was so average... Honestly, where has my will power gone? Do I not control myself? I hate myself. I hate the world around me. I can do something about that. I can. I don't care if I can or not -- I have to do something about it, and believe in my own limited but nonetheless effective ability to do something. 



Freja Beha, with a diet a totally approve of! 




I'm so sluggish today. I feel like a total bum. So i'll work out, then go for my green salad, then at no later than 2pm, i seriously need to clean and tidy my room. Then i'll go shopping, to buy: celery sticks, eggs, and almonds. 



Karlie Kloss. 



Yet another amazing work out from !! Combining cardio and weights is just what I needed !


Ok this is gonna sound weird, but i've just found out i love Brussel sprouts!!! yummy... I had some for dinner, and i was eating them one by one, stripping them of their successive layers and leaves... (whoa this sounds oddly erotic!)


dîner: quelques choux de Bruxelles, du maïs, du céleri cru. 



Gemma Ward. 




it's 3 p.m. and so far, i've had 2 fried eggs, a tomato, and a fruit salad. I'm feeling good today. Perhaps i'll gather enough courage to actually tidy my room, cause right now, i'm too ashamed to invite anyone over. 


rosie hunt whitely fur.jpg

Rosie Huntington-Whiteley, looking fabulous as usual


Ok, so yes, i cooked some Brussel sprouts at 4, and ate them with a slice of whole bread. 

I went to an Advent concert at a Chapel, in Emanuel college (Cambridge), to hear choir music accompanied occasionally by the organ. It was simply divine. I felt blessed, with a sense of belonging, and could feel the delights of sheer togetherness. It was a magical evening. One of the mezzos was particularly amazing. I did almost faint during the service (but i don't think this mishap is food related, because i wasn't fasting or anything). Oh well, i don't know if it's a good sign, to get dizzy in a chapel; i'm tempted to read it as a symptom of the fact that i might not have been truly "impeccable" (literally), but i'm making a contract with myself (not to say an oath) to better strive at being beyond reproach, free from fear and shame. 


Also, this workout nearly killed me. Difficulty level 4, according to the brilliant site FitnessBlender, and I had thus far never been able to finish a workout passed level 3! This is a tough one guys, but I feel great now -- though exhausted! Thank you Kelly from FitnessBlender!


I'll make myself a small snack now, namely an egg and some... Brussel sprouts!!



Doutzen Kroes. 


New brilliant habit btw: to heat the Brussel Sprouts, it should take 3minutes and 30 seconds in the microwave, so I just set it on a lower power, and do jumping jacks while it's heating. Yes, I do look rather silly in my kitchen, but oh well. I've just done 500 jumping jacks (taking a 15 second break between each 100s), which took me 8 minutes. 



Kasia Struss! 




woke up too late for breakfast. Feeling sleepy today. 


Anna Selezneva for Mango Fall 2012.jpg

Anna Selezneva (Mango, 2012). 


I haven't binged in a while now, I feel I'm less obsessed with what I'm going to eat, because I know I'm gonna have the salad at the cafeteria. I did take two small glasses of wine yesterday, though... And I haven't had time to work out at all yesterday! I probably won't have time today either, nor tomorrow (because of the class I give and the Christmas Formal...)



Karolina Kurkova!




Walked around non-stop from 12 to 18, desperately trying to find a decent dress for the Christmas Formal Hall... TopShop saved me -- sort of. Ate a banana outside around 3. I felt pretty weak and starving at dinner though, and the salad bar was incredibly dull and uninspiring... I had chicken risotto with vegetables, but I still felt very weak when I came back in my room, and I had chocolate... A lot. I did stop before eating the whole thing, thank god, but it was still more than just 2 pieces.... Anyway, I threw up more or less everything afterwards. I feel like shit right now. I'll try to work out, but I'm not sure I'll be able to... 


Behati Prinsloo. 


J'ai réussi à me bouger et à faire de la gym (en suivant à nouveau cette vidéo mortelle pour les cuisses et les fesses!). Maigre consolation, donc. 



images (2).jpg

Lindsay Ellingson. 





raisins secs






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